How to
📋 How to obtain Whitelist?
🚀 How to upgrade to Pre-Sale?
✅ Complete Missions 4-7
✅ Complete 6 Bounties

Once you've done this you'll be able to claim Pre-Sale list via

⭐️ How to upgrade to VIP-Sale?
❌ VIP List upgrades are now CLOSED
✅ Win through Raffles
💥 When will missions be released?

Missions are released every few days via our Discord. An announcement will also be made on TwItter.

📣 Allowlist Perks
❓Having issues with claiming a list?

Head to our Discord and submit a ticket via our Ticket Support channel.

🔍 Having troubles with the missions?

The missIons are deSIgNed to increase difficulty as we go along. We will be posting hints after a few days of mission drops if you're having difficulties.

You can find more information about the Missions and List access via our FAQ Forum on Discord.