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It's hard to believe that Dronies have replaced birds. Have you got any questions? We got answers.


What is the Bounty Hunt?

The Bounty Hunt is a series of missions that must be completed before mint to gain a OG list spot and guarantee a mint spot.


How do I participate in the Bounty Hunt?

The Bounty Hunt  missions will be dropped on Twitter and in the Bounty Hunt channel on Discord. Upon completion of the mission you will receive a code that needs to be entered in the Discord Console Channel.


Where is the console channel?

The console channel is located in discord under general.


How do I enter code words in the console?

Enter forward slash followed by the code word. Upon successful completion you will receive a congratulations message.


What is Simpl3r?

Simpl3r is an all in one platform designed to help both creators and collectors. More info to drop soon.


Is the team Doxxed?

The founders of the team are fully doxxed through Linked In.


Where do I buy Bounty Hunters?

Bounty Hunts will launch through Magic Eden.


Where can I stake Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters will be staked on the Bounty Hunters website. More info to come.


When will Simpl3r launch?

The Bounty Hunters NFT will be launched using version 1 of Simpl3r to prove its functionatility. A commercialised version will be launched shortly after the mint. More info to come.


What is the value of the NFT?

The BH NFT will give you access to features on the Simpl3r platform among other benefits. The team is planning to keep adding value and utility to the project in time.


How did you come up with the art?

After much trial and error, the team decided to go for high detailed, PFP style artwork. We engaged with many artists, after which the current artwork reflected the most with the team goals and values of the Simpl3r business. We want to reimagine NFT marketing and launches by making it fun for creators and collectors, while also streamlining the whitelisting process.

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