Enter the Bounty Hunter universe.

Late 2026: Facing mass global meltdown and the end of civilization, the remaining enhanced meta-humans of Simpl3r Labs were nearing completion of ‘The Plan’ - a highly secretive software system designed to harness the power of hope and fuel the only chance at surviving The Data Wars.

In order to hide it from their encroaching enemies, the last of the meta-humans deconstructed ‘The Plan’ into encrypted nodes of data and hid it in Web2 of the ‘near-past’ via advanced methods of digital ‘time-skipping’.

Due to the insurmountable pressures of The Data Wars, online activity is illegal and punishable by death - leading to a highly secretive and underground network of hackers who go by the code name: ‘Bounty Hunters’.

Under the leadership of ‘Avatar Drage’ - this crack team of digital sleuths have just made contact with users in the near-past of Web 2 - inspiring talented users to utilize their online skills to seek out the encrypted data pieces of The Plan.

Through coded transmissions from the frontlines of The Data Wars in 2026, sent via time-skips to those brave enough to access them in 2022, users in the present liaise with Drage and his team of Bounty Hunters, gathering instructions on where and how to find the encrypted data nodes and what rewards users receive should they be so lucky as to find them.

With Drage and his team having accessed the Web2 of the near-past, where online activity is still legal, The Bounty Hunters provide users in the present with encrypted clues, creating missions for present day Bounty Hunters to search the far reaching corners of the internet for the disguised components of ‘The Plan’ - these bounties, when pieced together, will help reconfigure ‘The Plan’ and hopefully secure all of our futures.

This is your chance to be part of the survival of the human race of the near-future - here in the present.

The Simpl3r Bounty Hunters need you, we all need you, to heed the call - and to take action now.

Click this link to begin your mission searching for the missing components of The Plan and help piece together our future’s only chance at survival.

Evolve, plug in, switch on, engage and stake your claim on the future - now.

There is much more to come - watch this space.

Good luck and have faith in ‘The Program’.

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