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The Ecosystem.

The Bounty Hunters is a deflationary

collection made up of 8,006 unique NFTs.

The Genesis Medallion collection

is made up of 2,002 NFTs.

Bounty Hunter Genesis Medallion

The Genesis Medallion is an innovative NFT that offers its holders a dynamic set of benefits. This adaptable token is designed to reward community members and encourage engagement within the ecosystem. Its ever-evolving nature ensures that the Medallion remains an attractive asset for those invested in the project, as they can look forward to new utilities and perks being unveiled over time.Initially, the Genesis Medallion was distributed to dedicated community members who committed to minting and successfully minted their Bounty Hunters.

As a token of appreciation, the Medallion provided holders with the advantage of reduced royalties when selling their Bounty Hunters. This incentive further demonstrates the project's commitment to its community, fostering a sense of loyalty and participation. In anticipation of the next utility reveal, excitement and speculation abound, keeping the Genesis Medallion a sought-after NFT within the Solana ecosystem.

What is a Genesis Medallion?

New Collection Coming Soon

What are Ranks?

Introducing Ranks for Bounty Hunters, earned through staking NFTs and other actions. Higher ranks earn more CREDITs and other boosts.Ranks are a trait stored in the metadata of a Bounty Hunter.
Season One will have 10 ranks each boosting your daily rewards.So start staking your hunters and get ready to show off those rankings!
Recruit Ensignia
To become a Recruit, one must first show a genuine interest in joining the ranks of the Bounty Hunters. Recruits are required to complete a rigorous physical and mental evaluation to ensure they possess the necessary skills and determination to join the fight against the enemy. Basic training in hand-to-hand combat, weapons handling, and stealth tactics are also introduced at this stage.
Private Ensignia
After successfully completing the Recruit phase, individuals are promoted to the rank of Private. At this level, they continue to hone their skills through advanced training in specialized combat techniques, cybersecurity, and covert operations. To attain this rank, they must also demonstrate a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie with fellow Bounty Hunters.
Corporal Ensignia
Upon reaching the rank of Corporal, Bounty Hunters have proven their dedication and ability to adapt to various challenges in the field. They are now entrusted with more responsibility, including leading small teams during missions. Corporals must demonstrate exceptional leadership and tactical acumen to guide their teammates to success.
Sergeant Ensignia

Sergeants have displayed excellence in their respective fields and are recognized as experts among their peers. They are responsible for training and mentoring lower-ranked Bounty Hunters while also taking on more complex missions. To achieve this rank, they must show a consistent track record of successful missions and be highly proficient in at least two specialized combat disciplines.
Staff Sergeant Ensignia
Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeants are elite Bounty Hunters who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and strategic thinking. At this rank, they are entrusted with coordinating multiple teams during large-scale operations. Staff Sergeants must have a deep understanding of the enemy's tactics and strategies, as well as possess exceptional skills in resource management and logistics.
Sergeant First Class Ensignia
Sergeant First Class.
Sergeant First Class Bounty Hunters have a wealth of experience and are considered valuable assets to the organization. They are responsible for advising high-ranking officers on critical decisions and formulating innovative strategies for combating the enemy. This rank is only achieved by those who have consistently excelled in various aspects of the organization, displaying exceptional dedication and unwavering loyalty.
Master Sergeant Ensignia
Master Sergeant
Master Sergeants have proven themselves as invaluable leaders and strategic masterminds. They are responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of new tactics and technologies to counter the enemy's advances. To reach this rank, they must have demonstrated an uncanny ability to anticipate the enemy's moves and devise creative strategies to exploit their weaknesses.
First Sergeant Ensignia
First Sergeant
First Sergeants are the backbone of the Bounty Hunter organization, responsible for maintaining discipline and order within the ranks. They work closely with higher-ranking officers to ensure that all members are well-trained, equipped, and prepared for battle. This prestigious rank is reserved for those who have consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering loyalty to the cause.
Sergeant Major Ensignia
Sergeant Major
Sergeant Majors are the most senior non-commissioned officers within the Bounty Hunters. They serve as key advisors to the highest-ranking officers and are responsible for overseeing the entire organization's operations, ensuring that all members work together seamlessly to achieve their objectives. This rank is achieved only by those who have consistently displayed exceptional skill, leadership, and dedication throughout their careers.
Command Sergeant Major Ensignia
Command Sergeant Major
The rank of Command Sergeant Major is the pinnacle of achievement within the Bounty Hunters. They are responsible for formulating and implementing the organization's strategies, working closely with Drage himself to ensure the success of the Bounty Hunters' missions. This esteemed rank is bestowed upon those who have demonstrated unparalleled dedication, skill, and leadership throughout their service to the cause, embodying the spirit of the Bounty Hunters and inspiring all those who serve alongside them.
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The Crew.

Founder CEO
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James | Simpl3r#8008
Co-Founder CTO
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DrDev | Simpl3r#8008
Co-Founder COS
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Lord Poncho
Lord Poncho
Co-Founder CD
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Business Development
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UI/UX Designer
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DarkSol | TEAM#1925
Alex Wu
Alex Wu
Masters, CS Engineer
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LabEleven Rust Engineer
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Marketing Advisor
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Crew Icon in Purple
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Season 1
Build the Simpl3r MVP for Simpl3r Mint
Successful Bounty Hunter Mint
Launch Bounty system for Simpl3r Discord/Twitter
Launch V3rify – NFT verification system
Launch Prot3ct – Royalty enforcement Tool
Screenshot of BigTurnz Tweet on the day of the Bounty Hunters mint.

GM! Woke up to this morning at 50:30am to mint @Simpl3r_BH's Bounty Hunters!

91% sold out in 15 mintues... IN THE PRE-SALE ROUND.


Congrats on the smooth mint @_OrgChaos
Season 2
Animated BH logo changing colors
Upgrade V3rify to include token verification
Launch Staking
Launch Rankings
Simpl3r and Bounty Hunter Rebrand
Launch Campaigner
Season 2 of Bounty Hunters
Launch Oshun
Launch Access Lists
Launch Account Levels to Simpl3r and Discord
Launch Bounty System for other projects
Upgrade Rankings to include individual
Q3 2023
Launch Bounty Hunter game
Season 3 of Bounty Hunters
The world of Bounty Hunters consists of eight factions, each led by an Elder with unique and irreplaceable traits. These Elders are skilled fighters and strategists who possess the ability to inspire their fellow Bounty Hunters, making them stronger and more productive. Their leadership is crucial for the Bounty Hunters to achieve their objectives and protect themselves from enemies.
Elders have the ability to inspire those around them, instilling confidence and motivation in the Bounty Hunters under their command. This inspirational quality is crucial in a dangerous world, where success depends on skill, courage, and teamwork. Elders rally their followers to work together towards a common goal and push beyond their limits, leading by example and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.
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Bounty Hunters, branded color banner.